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>Your being watched and you better get used to it. Video surveillance is just an extension of data mining and there is no way to turn back the hands of time on this growth industry. In order to maintain and/or quantify you little isolated disneyland one might suggest, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I can’t help but think of the old saying, “be careful what you wish for.” It isn’t that long ago that I seem to recall the signing of a little piece of legislation called the PATRIOT ACT.

The trick is actually no trick at all.
Diversion. Time to clue in. Playing on your fear has worked, again. Now your Orwellian fears have replaced your al-Qaeda fears which replaced your Orwellian fears in the first place. You get it. One could view that as a purversion of progress. Those who control our data now control our lives. Brings a whole new meaning to GOOGLING. Your response is redundant.

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>This, under the surface reality,”please don’t say it’s so,” is starting to get alot of traction in the news these days. The premise is easy, China has and will float the American debt as long as the status quo is maintained (and America has all those cool military toys). No argument here. Safe havens are hard to come by. The twist in the story, that I don’t like, is that the current state of the American economy is somehow Chinas’ fault. This takes finger pointing to a whole new level. Economics must suffer from attention deficient syndrome, or complete dementia. And on a precautionary note, never say currency fixing out loud when your Chinese buddy is in the room. TIMMY. (unless you want Hillary and Chelsea to permantly move to China to straighten out your shit).

China the great sleeping giant, had been doing just fine since budda was a cowboy. Enter American business interests into an untapped wealth of slave labour and double-digit returns and bingo. Yet somehow this is spun in North America as being Chinas’ fault. Without going so far as calling China the victim here, I would like to go on record as saying, anyone looked in the broken mirror lately?
It is our perpencity for growth and generating returns on investment solely that has gotten us into this mess. Forget about shooting the messenger, the wild west is long gone. Our ability to live beyond our means is a god-given right, as is living without consequence. I’m a zoomer, like everyone else on this dying continent, our lifestyle is unsustainable, no matter who we choose to blame.

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>Just an observation, but the power zone of the heavily vested interests among us must be feeling slightly compremised.What with only the tip of the iceberg in view, may I suggest taking up some sort of substance abuse hobby to help with your fall.  The total collapse of cowboy capitalism, the loss-of-face of politicians and the self orchestrated demise of the white collar criminal is just a speed bump. The endgame trainwreck is still on the tracks. Don’t mistake our anger for contempt. The Masters of the Universe can write their own obituaries anyway they choose, the damage is done.

Long have they believed in short-selling the common good. Using elite association and backroom deals they rape, burn and pillage for the lions share, allowing for just enough trickle down to distract the rest of us. They should burn for the sub-prime mess, along with the regulators, the credit rating agencies and the whizkid worldbeaters of default-credit-swaps and leveraged derivatives. By sacrificing ethics they made billions by breaking the back and the spirit of the American Dream.
We got sold down the river and no amount of bailing is going to right the ship. I have believed for a long time, that their arrogance has caused such a disconnect to the real people that anything they did would fly of its own accord. Yet no matter how expensive the gate, do not underestimate the fact that you are still surrounded.

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>Collusion, from The Webster’s Dictionary; a dishonest secret agreement. If you live in North America you should have this word tattooed on your forehead (above the barcode). Everything I watch or read leads to the  same reality. America has its boot up everyone’s ass on this planet. Two examples off the top of my head (which don’t relate to conventional war) the tar sands in Alberta and coca in Bolivia (courtesy of vbs.tv). America the desease, America the criminal, out and out fuck with people because they can. As humanity evolves, bullshit will become less and less tolerated, therefore this type of behaviour has a really limited shelf life.


That is why the world is rockin’ out over Obama. Finally a  president with integrity and intellect. But just like the rest of us too small to take on the industrial-military complex. War is dead and America is dead. Time has shown us that the real enemy of the people are the elitists  collecting the taxes in collusion with the industrialists who force feed us their unsustainable agendas.

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>With our economy down the drain(no government bailout) the future of our brightest schooled minds are in peril. I watched a video on Utube yesterday that brought the issue to a head. The young in this case should eat their bearer’s on principal alone. The zoomers and their quest for freedom have sacrificied their children. 

The transformation of higher education into a pole vault competition where the most expensive pole wins has left the less fortunate (unable to use daddy’s pole) indebted and resourceless way beyond their years. In all fairness, you should be allowed the choice of financially fucking yourself beyond repair, without having a gun stuck to your head. Get an education or die.
The kid I saw did a credit balancing act that I am envious of, but in the end, robbing Peter to pay Paul just catches up to you. The most productive years of this kid’s life are going to be spent bankrupt. Oh ya, that is part of the education. Bullshit. The zoomers got their education for a fraction of the price and to protect their own sorry asses they just eliminated the competition. 
And this happens even before we start on all the other resources the zoomers have sucked out of the system, beyond the meltdown, we find our collective selves in today. By all account kids, eat your parents.

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