January 25, 2009 at 18:08 (Uncategorized) ()

>Collusion, from The Webster’s Dictionary; a dishonest secret agreement. If you live in North America you should have this word tattooed on your forehead (above the barcode). Everything I watch or read leads to the  same reality. America has its boot up everyone’s ass on this planet. Two examples off the top of my head (which don’t relate to conventional war) the tar sands in Alberta and coca in Bolivia (courtesy of vbs.tv). America the desease, America the criminal, out and out fuck with people because they can. As humanity evolves, bullshit will become less and less tolerated, therefore this type of behaviour has a really limited shelf life.


That is why the world is rockin’ out over Obama. Finally a  president with integrity and intellect. But just like the rest of us too small to take on the industrial-military complex. War is dead and America is dead. Time has shown us that the real enemy of the people are the elitists  collecting the taxes in collusion with the industrialists who force feed us their unsustainable agendas.

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