January 27, 2009 at 18:25 (Uncategorized) ()

>Just an observation, but the power zone of the heavily vested interests among us must be feeling slightly compremised.What with only the tip of the iceberg in view, may I suggest taking up some sort of substance abuse hobby to help with your fall.  The total collapse of cowboy capitalism, the loss-of-face of politicians and the self orchestrated demise of the white collar criminal is just a speed bump. The endgame trainwreck is still on the tracks. Don’t mistake our anger for contempt. The Masters of the Universe can write their own obituaries anyway they choose, the damage is done.

Long have they believed in short-selling the common good. Using elite association and backroom deals they rape, burn and pillage for the lions share, allowing for just enough trickle down to distract the rest of us. They should burn for the sub-prime mess, along with the regulators, the credit rating agencies and the whizkid worldbeaters of default-credit-swaps and leveraged derivatives. By sacrificing ethics they made billions by breaking the back and the spirit of the American Dream.
We got sold down the river and no amount of bailing is going to right the ship. I have believed for a long time, that their arrogance has caused such a disconnect to the real people that anything they did would fly of its own accord. Yet no matter how expensive the gate, do not underestimate the fact that you are still surrounded.

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