January 31, 2009 at 17:02 (Uncategorized) ()

>This, under the surface reality,”please don’t say it’s so,” is starting to get alot of traction in the news these days. The premise is easy, China has and will float the American debt as long as the status quo is maintained (and America has all those cool military toys). No argument here. Safe havens are hard to come by. The twist in the story, that I don’t like, is that the current state of the American economy is somehow Chinas’ fault. This takes finger pointing to a whole new level. Economics must suffer from attention deficient syndrome, or complete dementia. And on a precautionary note, never say currency fixing out loud when your Chinese buddy is in the room. TIMMY. (unless you want Hillary and Chelsea to permantly move to China to straighten out your shit).

China the great sleeping giant, had been doing just fine since budda was a cowboy. Enter American business interests into an untapped wealth of slave labour and double-digit returns and bingo. Yet somehow this is spun in North America as being Chinas’ fault. Without going so far as calling China the victim here, I would like to go on record as saying, anyone looked in the broken mirror lately?
It is our perpencity for growth and generating returns on investment solely that has gotten us into this mess. Forget about shooting the messenger, the wild west is long gone. Our ability to live beyond our means is a god-given right, as is living without consequence. I’m a zoomer, like everyone else on this dying continent, our lifestyle is unsustainable, no matter who we choose to blame.

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