March 22, 2009 at 18:07 (Uncategorized) ()

>Grayscale skyasakyte. Perfect prospectus, purple rain drowning black insignificant stick figures. Distortion  extortion. Wunderlust to nowhere$$$$$…..  No pain centered here. Intelligence stretched beyond intellect. Too big too fail. The brain is limited, the soul is not. Beautiful prisoner, dying every day in an indifferent ponzi scheme. The rush to utopia opens doors, yet shuts them behind you. Chasing the dragon. More is better. Tomorrows’ borrowed anticipation is yesterdays’ short sell. Bloodflowers hand-delivered to you’re soho perfect ego. My kingdom for a toilet. The sickness lives just this side of Afghanistan.


Speaking of Afghanistan(now that fox news has trashed the Canadian military)why are we propping up these druglord/warlords if no peace of the action is coming our way? Exactly. Heroin is the fuel of war. Get it. Heroin has been a recession proof enterprise since Jesus was a cowboy. The twist in the story is that the Taliban totally fucked-up the supply chain during their tenure in Afghanistan and that was their demise. Forget the politicians and the talking-heads. This is not about oppression as much as it is about graft.

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