May 2, 2009 at 16:24 (Uncategorized) ()

>The concept is simple in body and complex of mind. The word IF represents the exact middle of the english language. A kind of virtual border line in a linear system of words that explains our sentence of failure. A real game of inches that plays out within the individual matrix of our own undoing. An exploration of psyche with equal choice yet no defined direction to guide us.


To stumble forward through the ever revealing cracks is never viewed as a triumph of the human spirit only a detriment. For the poppet explorer the road is not paved in gold and power because knowledge has no price and blood costs more than money can compensate. So it is the fall that is valued in infamy and the journey is a write-off of consequence.


IF the equation is in fact equal then lose=lose and win=win, which is totally inconceivable, fortunately reality paints things in slightly grayer shades in this picture of life. Nothing is stagnant in this great gray sea, movement is inevitable, as is the concept of IF being the middle point of nothing.


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