June 4, 2009 at 19:14 (Uncategorized) ()

>The I want, I need syndrome is finally playing out to its’ beautiful conclusion. The grand parade/charade of I is no longer required reading. The new dementia is WE, and the advancement of the greater good of all concerned citizens of planet earth. Only the truly conscious need apply, yet everyone is encouraged to investigate the concept.


The time is NOW, lay down your unsustainable consumerism and turn away from the old, broken models that lead to nowhere we really want to be. The ramp is curving exponentially NOT in our favour, so history needs to be exactly that. The advancement of consciousness is the NEW status symbol, and a willingness to help the less fortunite the bling, bling. By lightening the load we are much quicker on our feet, and by reducing the burden we are ever CLOSER.


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