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Expansion, existentialism, extra-sensory, extra-terrestrial.
Dostoyevsky, cold calling door to door from another dimension. The individuation of a divided existence straddles the eternal and the temporal in a childlike dance of the imagination. Jungian, Japanese haiku in an attempt to articulate the retreat from the modern world.


The great escape from exploitation leaves behind the clues of complexity and confusion. Compassion carried on the backs of the collective unconsciousness eases the crisis of human existence.

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>A lifetime of beginnings is passing through the eye of a needle and explodes into a Picasso of metaphysical wonderment. Freedom, so simple of form yet so burdened in process is the ultimate incarnation. Flowing wide open to the underground, the soul connects to a collective symphony of individuated purpose.


Life is passing through the heart of dynamic subconsciousness to places unrelated to this reality of ego proportion. The new renaissance recognizes the linear constraints and meditates beyond the finite details.

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