September 30, 2010 at 17:51 (Uncategorized) ()

>metaphorically speaking homelessness(21st century word) is like quicksand, the harder you struggle the faster you sink.


going going gone are the aspirations that once carried the torch forward in a precise march of conditioning and pride of self in the false light of ego and purpose. falling short of the social malaise, caught in the slipstream of the status quo, cut loose and bound in plastic yesterdays news is no longer viable to the mass media right and wrong/left and right commercialized/compromised human condition.


sinking sinking sinking into the argument of Laplace’s demon, surfing the tsunami of determinism and desperately hanging on to the free will randomness in a universe of infinite wisdom which is elusive yet at the same time tangible to nobody/everybody.


run run run and repent, falldown and be humbled/humiliated in the kingdom/fiefdom of the land of nowhere. in the worship of false idols who supply the distraction required to continue the walk the walk and talk the talk in obtuse harmonic distortion/extortion of all karmic consequence.


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