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creativity abounds in the deep dark recesses of mans most unenduring traits. driven forward by atomic tension and the realization of the unsustainability of the entire situation our greatest minds and efforts are directed at one last kick at the can. get what u can while u can is thenewrenaissance mantra that reverberates through each and every organism on planetfukd.


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outside of what? outside of what was the big picture, the essence, the only thing that mattered. outside on a wing with a decaying safety net. it is cold outside and it is also cold inside. investigation has revealed everything yet nothing that is useful in this tormented today.


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shrinking into the cracks of the sidewalk ahead just seems like such a comfortable place to be in this head down straight ahead existence of survive today and the hell with the rest of it mentality. shrinking in relativity and shrinking in relevance, shrinking in ego and shrinking in self. is this what entropy is? smaller and smaller until there is nothing left of what once was a human being so misguided yet head strong enough to compensate until unfortunately it was too late. with the headwinds oh so strong and the concept of shelter rendered unacceptable walking with the wind is the only way to stay warm as the temperature descends along the same trajectory as status and self-worth.


a thermodynamic property that is the measure of the energy not available for work in a thermodynamic process. it is defined as the second law of thermodynamics. stolen from wikipedia.org.


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>welcome to the brainsaladsoupkitchen where all are cordially invited but very few really show up! which come to think about it is really the only way this will ever work. its not a deterministic thing nor is it free will its just a landing spot for the unprivileged yet somewhat adventure minded /demented few. infact its not really a place at all (although ive heard it described as being built over a toxic waste dump in downtown anywhere on the head of a pin within the milky way galaxy of ur mind.) are we there yet?


nighttime in the switching yard presents a moving mosaic of the deficient set against a backdrop of total blackness which is the trail of popcorn in the forest that leads u to the open portal of the brainsaladsoupkichen. dont worry this wont hurt abit. dont be shy/sly everyone will reach this point sooner rather than later given that 1% of the population controls 90% of the wealth here in the decline of western civil-ization. radiohead – just.


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>there is no time in eternity. dont waste ur time contemplating time. time is a waste of time. waste ur time seeking urself. ask all the questions that u see fit and find the infinite compromise. find the infinite compromise within ur finite box. that is all there is in time.


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