November 10, 2010 at 19:44 (Uncategorized) ()


shrinking into the cracks of the sidewalk ahead just seems like such a comfortable place to be in this head down straight ahead existence of survive today and the hell with the rest of it mentality. shrinking in relativity and shrinking in relevance, shrinking in ego and shrinking in self. is this what entropy is? smaller and smaller until there is nothing left of what once was a human being so misguided yet head strong enough to compensate until unfortunately it was too late. with the headwinds oh so strong and the concept of shelter rendered unacceptable walking with the wind is the only way to stay warm as the temperature descends along the same trajectory as status and self-worth.


a thermodynamic property that is the measure of the energy not available for work in a thermodynamic process. it is defined as the second law of thermodynamics. stolen from wikipedia.org.



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