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>Purpose is an individual sanctuary within the collective of insanity. The purpose of observation as the human race enters the Age of Aquarius is definitely worth the price of admission. The last year has been totally mind-blowing. The acceleration and scope of change and peoples’ reaction, both good and bad, has made this life worth living. The circus of humanity on the edge is prime time beyond imagination. So strap in tight because the ride has just begun.

The outer fringes of society, long ago forgotten, can now take comfort in the meltdown of the mainstream. Social structures that judged and classified worth are mortally wounded and will never recover. All that was will never be again. Life will once again have a common denominator that isn’t bought or sold or stolen. Real people can enjoy a real place in a real world. It is time to come out of the cold and watch the suits squirmmm their way out of this one.

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>Grayscale skyasakyte. Perfect prospectus, purple rain drowning black insignificant stick figures. Distortion  extortion. Wunderlust to nowhere$$$$$…..  No pain centered here. Intelligence stretched beyond intellect. Too big too fail. The brain is limited, the soul is not. Beautiful prisoner, dying every day in an indifferent ponzi scheme. The rush to utopia opens doors, yet shuts them behind you. Chasing the dragon. More is better. Tomorrows’ borrowed anticipation is yesterdays’ short sell. Bloodflowers hand-delivered to you’re soho perfect ego. My kingdom for a toilet. The sickness lives just this side of Afghanistan.


Speaking of Afghanistan(now that fox news has trashed the Canadian military)why are we propping up these druglord/warlords if no peace of the action is coming our way? Exactly. Heroin is the fuel of war. Get it. Heroin has been a recession proof enterprise since Jesus was a cowboy. The twist in the story is that the Taliban totally fucked-up the supply chain during their tenure in Afghanistan and that was their demise. Forget the politicians and the talking-heads. This is not about oppression as much as it is about graft.

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>There is a rising cognitive dissonance in play which would lead one to re-evaluate the final plight of free-wheeling capitalism. This is not thinking outside the box, this is re-inventing the wheel. So a good place to start is acknowledging and defining a personal dependency on a corrupt system that is crumbling under the weight of its’ own inherent greed. And don’t think for a New York minute that civil unrest isn’t factored into every algorithm. Then with eyes’ wide shut a  closer look at Western capitalism reveils its’ true oligarchical nature. Therefore, only a few were ever going to benefit so don’t feel so bad.

In a line from Burma Shave by Tom Waits, “when they pulled her from the wreck you know she still had on her shades”. Lost in this wreckage will be the wall street NUMBER, keeping up the Jones, GEfinancial and GM. Pulled from the wreckage will be creativity. (And sadly, all the tooling that the military deems necessary). Moving forward from this point depends on your individual response to one question. “Have I been sold a lie OR did I buy a lie?”
Creativity will enable us to ascend to a larger perspective in business modelling. The new paradigm will be rooted by integrity and transparency. Then and only then will honesty return to the marketplace and faith in any form of economic system be restored. Thank-you Margaret Atwood.

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>The collateral damage of bubblenomics is intense. The siezing up of credit on any level is a mind shattering, existential experience. Patterns of existence are ingrained beneath consciousness and in a split second frozen forever in time. A visual image as a defining fragment of our being. Without the liquidity supplied by credit, you cease to be within the structures of our own demise. This is so new to the uninitiated that a full frontal attack cannot be parlayed into anything positive. In fact the opposite is closer to reality and all systems shut down in order to regroup. It is at this point that the phoenix rises, or not. Bon-chance.

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